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Fire Service Glossary

These are some commonly used acronyms in the fire service:

ACLS — Advanced Cardiac Life Support
AED — Automated External Defibrillator
ALS — Advance Life Support
AMR — American Medical Response
ATA — Actual Time of Arrival

BC — Battalion Chief
BLS — Basic Life Support
BTU — Butte Unit of CAL FIRE

CalPERS — California Public Employees’ Retirement System
CAD — Computer Aided Dispatch
CBC — California Building Codes
CCR — California Code of Regulations
CCWD Coastside County Water District
CDF — California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE)
CED — California Electrical Codes
CERT — Community Emergency Response Team
CFC — California Fire Codes
CFPD — Coastside Fire Protection District
CFR — Coastside Fire
CPAT — Candidate Physical Ability Test
CPR — Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
CPVC — Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride
CSDA — California Special District Association
CZU — San Mateo-San Cruz Unit of CAL FIRE

DC — Duty Chief
DI — Developer Information

EAP — Employee Assistance Program
ECC — Emergency Command Center
EKG — Electrocardiogram
EMS — Emergency Medical Services
EMT — Emergency Medical Technician
EPA — Environmental Protection Agency
EOC — Emergency Operations Center
ETA — Estimated Time of Arrival

FAE — Fire Apparatus Engineer
FASIS — Fire Association Self Insurance System
FDAC — Fire District Association of California
FDC — Fire Department Connection
FEMA — Federal Emergency Management Agency
FC — Fire Captain
FF — Firefighter
FLSA — Fair Labor Standards Act
FPB — Fire Prevention Bureau
FPE — Fire Protection Equipment
FY — Fiscal Year

GIS — Geographic Information System
GPM — Gallons Per Minute
GPS — Global Positioning System

HAZ MAT — Hazardous Material
HEM — Heavy Equipment Mechanic
HQ — Headquarters
HR — Human Resources

IAFF — International Association of Fire Fighters
IAP — Incident Action Plan
IC — Incident Command or Incident Commander
ICP — Incident Command Post
ISO — Insurance Service Office 
IT — Information Technology

JAC — Joint Apprenticeship Certification
JPA — Joint Powers of Agreement

LPG — Liquefied Petroleum Gas

MOU — Memorandum of Understanding
MVA — Motor Vehicle Accident
MWSD — Montara Water & Sanitary District

NFIRS — National Fire Incident Reporting System
NFPA — National Fire Protection Association
NIMS — National Incident Management System

OH — Overhead
OSHA — Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OT — Overtime
OES — Office of Emergency Services

PDF — Portable Document Format
PIO — Public Information Officer
PIV — Post Indicator Valve
PPC — Public Protection Classification
PPE — Personal Protective Equipment 
PPPM — Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual
PSI — Pounds per Square Inch
PV — Photovoltaic
PVC — Polyvinyl Chloride

QA — Quality Assurance

ROSS — Resource Ordering and Status System

SAM — Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside
SCBA — Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
SFD — Single Family Dwelling
SOP — Standard Operating Procedure

TI — Tenant Improvements
TIB — Technical Information Bulletin

UFC — Uniform Fire Code
USAR — Urban Search and Rescue
UL — Underwriters’ Laboratories

WMD — Weapons of Mass Destruction
WUI — Wildland Urban Interface