2015 Agendas, Board Packets & Minutes

Please find below meeting agendas, board packet documents and meeting minutes. Click on the color blue to view. All documents are saved as PDF. 

Board Meetings

Date Agenda Board Packet Minutes
01/28/15 Regular Meeting View  View 
03/25/15 Regular Meeting  View  View 
04/29/15 Special Meeting View  View 
04/22/15 Regular Meeting  View  View 
05/27/15 Regular Meeting  View  View
05/27/15 Finance Meeting    
06/24/15 Finance Meeting    
06/24/15 Regular Meeting  View  View 
02/25/15 Regular Meeting rev View  View 
07/15/15 Special Meeting  View  View 
07/22/15 Regular Mtg CXL'D    
08/26/15 Regular Meeting  View  View
09/30/15 Finance Meeting    
09/30/15 Special Meeting View View 
09/23/15 Regular Mtg CXL'D    
12/2/15 Finance Meeting    
12/2/15 Special Meeting View  View
12/23/15 Regular Mtg CXL'D    
11/25/15 Regular Mtg CXL'D    
10/28/15 Regular Meeting  View  View 
02/25/15 Finance Meeting